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  • hhuynh
  • Reporter: gkeim
  • August 01, 2007
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  • September 24, 2007
  • August 16, 2007


Users have encountered class verifier errors when instrumenting obfuscated classes, such as com/sun/crypto/provider/SunJCE_m:


The work-around is to exclude those classes from instrumentation:



Eugene Kuleshov 2007-08-01

In my recollection that happens only on early Sun’s 1.5 JRE and been fixed in later versions…

Fiona OShea 2007-08-02

Add this exclude to all sample session files and configurator default files etc.

Juris Galang 2007-08-15

I think we could/should be able to always exclude the sun crypto classes by applying the appropriate excludes via the modules-common config-bundle.

Juris Galang 2007-08-15

We could also have a config-bundle specifically for excluding classes that we can not instrument. And make it so that this bundle is always loaded/started when an l1 starts.