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  • kkannaiy
  • Reporter: tgautier
  • July 30, 2007
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  • February 12, 2013
  • August 03, 2007


The non-portable dialog has an option which says “No nothing” but it should say “Do Nothing”


Fiona OShea 2007-08-09

verify that this is fixed

Kalai Kannaiyan 2007-08-29

Tested with rev5195, the text “Do Nothing” is displayed in the non-portable dialog


  1. Install the eclipse plugin
  2. Add the sharededitor demo project
  3. In the tc-config.xml, comment all the includes inside the instrumented classes and try to share the root
  4. Add the Terracotta Nature
  5. Run as Terracotta DSO application
  6. Start the local Terracotta Server dialog is displayed
  7. click “yes”in the Terracotta dialog
  8. Terracotta server is started successfully
  9. Problem sharing data window is displayed
  10. In the Resolutions section, check the “Don’t share” option under “Take no action” 11.In the Selected action section, “Do nothing” is selected by default

Actual: “Do nothing” text is displayed on Selected action in the non-portable dialog