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Our config module for lucene only supports version 2.0.0 at the moment. Lucene has moved on to version 2.2.0.

In all honesty, I think we should write a terracotta implementation of the “Directory” abstraction in lucene, as opposed to the current approach of trying to DSO’ize the existing RAMDirectory that ships with lucene. This implies figuring out how to best expose this implementation class to an end user (is it another jar, is it done with instrumentation magic, etc)


Stefan F 2008-04-30

I successfully used the Directory from the Compass SVN (see [1],[2]; [3],[4]) instead of Lucene’s RAMDirectory together with tim-lucene-2.2.0 ([5]). Changing the Directory implementation resulted in a tremendous (!!! - and I could reasonably add some more) speed up of batch index creation: from 1 hour (there was probably also something fishy on my side) to 10 seconds for 5k sentences of 4 words (average). I would therefor suggest to adopt this Directory implementation for Lucene 2.2.0 support.

// blogs describing work on terracotta, compass, lucene: [1] http://www.kimchy.org/compasslucene-terracotta-integration/ [2] http://javathink.blogspot.com/2008/03/chronicles-of-terracotta-integration.html

// compass svn [3] http://svn.compass-project.org/svn/compass/trunk/src/main/src/terracotta.xml [4] http://svn.compass-project.org/svn/compass/trunk/src/main/src/org/compass/needle/terracotta/

// tim-lucene-2.2.0 [5] http://svn.terracotta.org/svn/forge/projects/labs/tim-lucene-2.2.0/

Shay Banon 2008-11-03

Compass integration (recent one is 2.1 version, which supports Lucene 2.4) is a tim bundle. This means that you can easily use it within your terracotta application by including it as a tim in your tc config. Note, you don’t have to use Compass and just use its Terracotta based Directory (it was done by Hibernate Search for example).

More information can be found here: http://www.compass-project.org/docs/2.1.0/reference/html/needle-terracotta.html

Taylor Gautier 2009-02-13

Compass solves this problem in a mostly lucene independent way.