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  • June 11, 2007
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Currently each Transaction that is broadcasted to each client and the ack back for each transaction is sent as individual message.

Considering that fact that we have a lot of layers in our comms stack, reducing the number of messages will help us in reducing the cpu usage and the network usage. (esp. considering our new OOO stack which queues and acks messages)

We can easily batch these messages and acks to get better performance.


Saravanan Subbiah 2008-05-02

Currently in a 8 node non-partitioned cluster, if you are doing a 1000 TPS then there are about 16000 messages generated per second. We are first trying to reduce the number of messages for Transaction-ACK first and then broadcasts.

Saravanan Subbiah 2010-09-23

With DCV2 this becomes irrelevant as we don’t broadcast.