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  • June 05, 2007
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Currently we have a election manager that runs an election over the network among all known L2s to determine the active L2. While this is sufficient for most usecases, this doesnt protect against network disconnects between two different subnets which will ultimately result in a split brain scenario.

One easy way to solve this and give the user the ability to decide what happens in such scenario, is to have a common tie-breaker. We could easily implements a file lock based tiebreaker that users could configure to their needs. This is kind of a hybrid between disk-based and current network-based. We use the shared disk as only the tie breaker and use the network to replicate state.

We could abstract it such a way that the users could implement their own tie breakers too if needed.

This could go into the server config and could be used when mode is networked-active-passive.


Taylor Gautier 2007-06-12

Is it possible to fall back on a different eth interface? It is quite common to run a second nic, serial cable, or fibre for this purpose and being able to select redundant networks for election would make sense.

Saravanan Subbiah 2009-09-25

We would probably never do this given the fact the NFS is broken in so many ways and ppl dont want to rely on it.