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  • Status: Closed
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  • Resolution: Fixed
  • DSO:L1
  • teck
  • Reporter: siyer
  • January 15, 2007
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  • July 27, 2012
  • January 25, 2007


  1. See log snippet below.

  2. Inspite of all debugging being turned on, there was no message indicating why the disconnect occurred - so there should be some more visiblity

  3. The issue was eventually traced back to starting tomcat from a controller process jsvc http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/daemon/jsvc.html. Stating Tomcat via catalina.sh without a controlling process worked around this issue. We should investigate this since starting a dameon process with jsvc appears to non-trivially prevalent.


2007-01-09 17:05:22,488 [WorkerThread(client_handshake_stage,0)] INFO com.tc.objectserver.handshakemanager.ServerClientHandshakeManager - Client connected ChannelID=[1]

2007-01-09 17:07:14,412 [WorkerThread(jmxremote_connect_stage,0)] INFO com.tc.management.remote.connect.ClientConnectEventHandler - DSO client channel[1] removed, closing tunneled JMX connection

2007-01-09 17:07:14,516 [Job_Executor0] INFO com.tc.management.remote.connect.ClientConnectEventHandler$ConnectorClosedListener

  • Tunneled JMX connection to a DSO client has terminated, unregistering its beans

2007-01-09 17:07:14,916 [WorkerThread(channel_life_cycle_stage,0)] INFO com.tc.objectserver.handler.ChannelLifeCycleHandler - Received transport disconnect. Killing client ChannelID=[1]


Steve Harris 2007-01-16

See if you can straighten this out

Tim Eck 2007-01-17

this is probably the same issue we had with JBoss’ tomcat. In all branches except trunk(Moraga), there was instrumentation that shut down the DSO client when a particular method org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina.start() returned. That method has two contexts that is can be called in – a blocking and a non-blocking version. JBoss (and presumably tomcat under jsvc) use the non-blocking version, and thus the DSO client shuts down as soon as tomcat starts

I’ll be addressing this in Moraga.

It would be great if a trunk build could be tested with tomcat+JSvc and the results posted here

Tim Eck 2007-01-25

looks like this is fixed in trunk (which will be Moraga(2.3.0)). I tested a tomcat running under jsvc. The DSO client disconnects as described when I run it with 2.2.1, and running with trunk it stays connected.