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  • December 08, 2006
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  • December 18, 2006


These are the things we agreed to do for initial support for glassbox integration.

1) Object Flush/Fault monitoring.

@see RemoteObjectManagerImpl sendRequest()


This already monitors requests sent to the server. We can probably hook into that. Also we could add a new method on the requestMonitor (and rename it ?) to monitor the response along with the number of objects that got faulted (fault depth) etc.

2) Time take for lock acquire

For the first cut we decided to give high level hooks into the system. So the measurement will happen in the ManagerImpl.begin() which will be good indication of the lock acquire time.

3) Transaction commit time

This will also be done at the ManagerImpl.commit() level. Longer commit time indicates more data in the transaction and/or server not catching up with the changes from L1s.


Nathaniel Harward 2006-12-11

Glassfish is coming in on Wed. and Steve wants to provide them with some hooks to start at least an initial integration project. The description outlines some higher level ideas, come talk to me first about generally how we want this to look and then Saravanan for specific details. I created a branch at /dso/branches/glassfish-CDV-27 for this work and initialized merge support with svnmerge.py.

Tim Eck 2006-12-12

BTW, this is for GlassBOX, not the fish ;-)

Eric Ellis 2006-12-18

Glassbox is happy with the format of the hooks that we’ve provided for them.