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  • December 04, 2006
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  • April 04, 2007
  • December 11, 2006



  1. dso kit is installed in C:\Program Files\Terracotta\
  2. Run the script dso-env.bat from C:\Program Files\Terracotta\terracotta-2.2\dso\bin


‘Files\Terracotta\terracotta-2.2\dso\bin....’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. The system cannot find the path specified. -Xbootclasspath/p:”C:\Program Files\Terracotta\terracotta-2.2\common\lib\dso-boo t\dso-boot-hotspot_win32_150_09.jar” -Dtc.install-root=”C:\Program Files\Terraco tta\terracotta-2.2”


Gary Keim 2006-12-04

Appears the dso-env script doesn’t handle spaces correctly.

Juris Galang 2006-12-06

This happens for all the batch file script when we run it from the DOS console. Double-clicking on the batch file from the Windows Explorer, will run it correctly,

Kalai Kannaiyan 2006-12-06

except dso-env.bat, other scripts are running fine from comman prompt.

Juris Galang 2006-12-06

See rev 267

Had to modify the first lines in dso-env.bat

Also modified the behavior for the tc-function call to tc_set_dso_boot_jar in both the batch and shell script so that it wont print the location of the DSO boot jar anymore when the DSO_BOOT_JAR variable is already set — this allows the user to call the dso-env script several times and get the same results.

Kalai Kannaiyan 2006-12-11

Retested this issue with Rev #312 Terracotta Enterprise Edition 2.2, Run dso-env.bat , it is not printing any variable in the command prompt.

Juris Galang 2006-12-11

The -v parameter needs to be passed for dso-env to display the value of TC_JAVA_OPTS

I’ve switched it so that the default action for dso-env is to print TC_JAVA_OPTS, that way it will work if it was invoked via the Windows Explorer (no params), or from the command-line.

Pass -q to make it quiet.

This was done in rev 386 of the 2.2.0 branch.

Kalai Kannaiyan 2006-12-14

Retested this issue with rev #441 (Terracotta Enterprise Edition Version 2.2.0, as of 20061214-081239 (Revision 441 by [email protected] from 2.2.0), it is working as expected.