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  • Reporter: nharward
  • April 03, 2007
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  • June 04, 2007
  • May 15, 2007


HashtableTC overrides getEntry(), a protected method in java.lang.Hashtable but which has different signatures in the Sun and IBM JDKs. The version in HashtableTC just throws an exception, as an enforcement that the “merging” of HashtableTC and java.util.Hashtable goes as planned. This is currently commented out in the IBM branch because of the signature difference, and at some point needs to be restored.


Nathaniel Harward 2007-05-15

I had wrongfully assumed that getEntry() was already a method in Hashtable in the Sun VM and we simply re-wrote it, but it looks like this is supposed to be a completely new method that we introduce and only use internally. This should be renamed to __tc_getEntry(), since the IBM implementation already has a method named getEntry() that returns a different type. As part of that, we should examine whether this new method __tc_getEntry() should even be invoked when using IBM…

Eugene Kuleshov 2007-05-15

I committed fix for boot jar tool and HashtableTC to the ibm branch.

Fiona OShea 2007-05-30

verify that this is fixed. Add tests if necessary (if they don’t already exist)