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  • Reporter: ekulesho
  • March 26, 2007
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  • June 25, 2007
  • March 28, 2007


Currently com.tc.asm.* packages are taken from ASM 2.x release. We need to update to ASM 3.x to pickup latest fixes, performance improvements and new API.


Steve Harris 2007-03-26

HOw much work is this? Can we squeeze it into noriega?

Eugene Kuleshov 2007-03-26

Should be few hours at most. I can do it this week if Nat isn’t panning anything else for me.

Eugene Kuleshov 2007-03-28

Committed to trunk

Fiona OShea 2007-06-11

can you verify that this is indeed completed, then close out?

Eugene Kuleshov 2007-06-11

It is completed