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  • March 14, 2007
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  • December 16, 2011


Add this class to GenericListTestApp,, it should fail like this:

com.tc.simulator.app.ErrorContext [, thread: Thread[MUTATOR 4,5,]] com.tc.util.TCAssertionError: Expected <2> but got <4> at com.tc.util.Assert.assertEquals(Assert.java:137) at com.tctest.GenericListTestApp.assertListsEqual(GenericListTestApp.java:1207) at com.tctest.GenericListTestApp.testRemoveRange(GenericListTestApp.java:523)

private static class AL1 extends ArrayList {

int i = 3;

AL1() {
}   \}


Tim Eck 2007-03-14

can you look at this?

Antonio Si 2008-04-24

CDV-170, CDV-173, and CDV-230 are all related in a sense both deal with different scenario of extending from logical collections. I think at one point we were saying we want to deal with all these different cases in a generic way by providing a hybrid physical-logical sharing. We have some classes that we are shared in a hybrid physical-logical way like TreeHashMap, ConcurrentHashMap. But those are deal with on a case by case basis.

I think we were saying we want to provide a generic way of supporting a hybrid physical-logical sharing. That should fix most (if not all) logical subclasses scenarios.