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  • December 03, 2014
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  • December 03, 2014


Our Artifactory repo is complaining about checksum mismatches when download the maven-metainfo.xml file. When we download the corresponding “maven-metainfo.xml.md5” file, the checksum container therein does not match the actual md5sum.

The workaround is to turn off checksum checking for the terracotta repo but that’s a tad insecure.

I have include steps to reproduce at the end.

Here’s the error message from Artifactory.

2014-12-01 16:19:41,934 [http-bio-8009-exec-2053] [ERROR] (o.a.r.HttpRepo      :295) - terracotta: Failed to download 
 Received status code 200 and caught exception: 
 Checksum policy 'FAIL' rejected the artifact 'terracotta-cache:org/eclipse/equinox/preferences/maven-metadata.xml'. 
 Checksums info: ChecksumsInfo{checksums=

To Reproduce the problem: When we do a wget of a maven-metadata.xml file and its .md5 checksum file, we also see the checksum mismatch:

 $ wget http://www.terracotta.org/download/reflector/releases/org/eclipse/osgi/maven-metadata.xml
 $ wget http://www.terracotta.org/download/reflector/releases/org/eclipse/osgi/maven-metadata.xml.md5
 $ md5sum maven-metadata.xml
 5f0afe0979181967ed1d9c61ed2774a8 *maven-metadata.xml
 $ cat maven-metadata.xml.md5

As you can see the md5sum doesn’t match the md5sum in the *.md5 file.

This is happened for multiple terracotta files.

Also, I am assuming that this is the place to lodge such an issue.