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  • December 19, 2012
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  • December 19, 2012


Not sure if i filed this correctly. When we clear the cache of a pojo, our apache/tomcat site crashes. We use MySQL as a backend. Clearing the cache of a pojo triggers Apache threads to go in a “sending reply” state which eventually crashes the application.

We use Tomcat 6.0.30, Apache 2.2.3 and MySQL 5.0.95 on Red Hat 5.8 .

Thanks, Charles


Fiona OShea 2012-12-19

Team, can someone check into this? 3.4.1 has been out for a while, there may be a fix in a later version. thanks

Gautam Jayaprakash 2012-12-19


Could you send us the logs from the terracotta client/server and the terracotta/ehcache config you’re using?

Also, are you able to see this consistently? Can you try with a more recent version of the product?