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  • October 09, 2012
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  • October 15, 2012


Seems like while the below API was present in ehcache 1.x, this has been removed completely in 2.x

cacheManager.setCacheManagerPeerProvider(peerProvider); cacheManager.setCacheManagerPeerListener(peerListener);

This cannot to be done programmatically. See below forum entry.



Chris Dennis 2012-10-15

As far as I am aware the functionality the author of the forum post claims to be using in Ehcache 1.5 was not a part of that release. In fact the only references I can find to these two methods are in patches applied to Ehcache by third parties: http://svn.hyperic.com/?view=revision&root=Hyperic+HQ&revision=3659 My suspicion is that the user has some how managed to get a hold a patched version of Ehcache and mistakenly believes it to be an official released version.

In any case before advancing with this as a new feature request it would be good to get some input from users and/or customers regarding the use-cases for such a feature.