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  • April 03, 2012
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We should honor web.xml cookie settings, ie:



Hung Huynh 2012-04-04


  1. websphere-7.0.0, weblogic-10.3.1, jboss-6.0.0 don’t support Servlet 3.0
  2. only tomcat-7.0.x and above supports Servlet 3.0

Tim Eck 2012-04-05

Not that you need to add more app server support but things like newer welogic, jetty 8, etc also support servlet 3.0. Because of that I think the test for this stuff should only disable itself for things that known NOT to work (not the other way around). That way when we bring a new app server into the monkeys this test will run against it without any updates.

Hung Huynh 2012-04-05

fixed for Tomcat 7.0.x. It’s currently the only appserver that we test again, that supports Servlet 3.0