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  • nbangarw
  • Reporter: asingh
  • May 17, 2011
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  • January 07, 2013
  • January 07, 2013


Iterating on the collection returned from from cache.getkeys() is not nonstop even when run with nonstop.


Tim Eck 2011-05-17

I don’t know if there are other examples on the Cache class, but pretty much any method that returns a complex object is potentially subject to this type of issue

As it stand now we make sure all the methods on Cache are covered by nonstop behavior but it is this iteration with returned objects that can be problematic

James House 2011-08-11

Saro, passing this back to you as I have a large backlog and am very unlikely to get to this during Ulloah.

Nishant Bangarwa 2013-01-07

fixed in trunk.