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  • February 28, 2011
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  • March 01, 2011



JMX Operation L2Dumper.doThreadDump generates ClassNotFoundException (see attached screenshot)


Tim Eck 2011-02-28

That particular thread dump operation uses some internal only thread dump utils that aren’t part of the shipping product. If nothing relies on that operation being there we can just remove it. If something does we should maybe move the operation someplace else.

The code it wants to invoke is that thread dumping that use JNI to determine the PID and sends a kill -3 to itself.

Tim Eck 2011-02-28

P.s. Use the doServerDump() operations as workaround.

Saravanan Subbiah 2011-02-28

Or use dev-console.

Fiona OShea 2011-03-01

Please try suggestions by Tim and Saro