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  • February 04, 2011
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  • July 27, 2012
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I would like to see an additional sentence in section “configuring a NonStopCache in ehcache.xml” of documentation for terracotta 3.4.0.

When i first tried to configure it I just added a to my ehcache.xml and thought no other changes were needed. But as hibernate still refers to the original cache name it just uses the normal undecorated cache.

So while testing the application behaviour has not changed because my app was just not using the nonstopcache.

so if your original ehcache.xml looks like this:


you should change it to

... <cacheDecoratorFactroy name="myCache" .../>

This way your application uses nonstopCache without changing anything else.

Of, course the word “decorator” implies this! And after hours testing and googling it was clear to me. But as you put the decorator _inside_ the cache element it just looks like you are configuring the original cache.

Maybe its just me being stupid and not realizing that we are talking about a decorator which wraps the original cache but an additional example could help others.

regards janning


ilevy 2011-02-28

As of Terracotta 3.5.0 (which includes Ehcache 2.4.0) NonStopCache is no longer a decorator.

A tip about this issue in http://ehcache.org/documentation/cache_decorators.html may be a good idea.

ilevy 2012-05-17

I don’t think any action is needed any longer as it’s well established now that nonstop is a part of cache configuration.