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  • Reporter: captainr
  • November 10, 2010
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  • December 07, 2010


Attempting to start the Terracotta server from Eclipse causes a series of StreamCorruptedExceptions, but apparently only if several factors converge:

  • The JRE System Library in use for the project must be a recent version of the JRE/JDK. 6u21 and 6u22 are known to fail; 6u16 and 6u17 are known to work without problems.
  • The OS is Windows 7. The problem appears on both 32 and 64-bit versions of Eclipse Helios SR1. Earlier versions of Windows may be affected, but I have no systems with earlier versions to test. Another developer running Ubuntu 10.04 tested 6u16, 6u21, and 6u22, and saw no exceptions with any of them, so the issue is platform-specific.
  • The Eclipse plugin version is 3.4.0. This problem does not exist in plugin 3.3.0. Starting the Terracotta server using the start-tc-server script also appears to work, regardless of which version of Java is being used.
  • This is not your first attempt to run the Terracotta server after importing the project. Curiously, if I delete the project, re-import it from SVN, build the boot JAR, and run the server from Eclipse, it works properly the first time. After I stop the server, all subsequent attempts to start it result in exceptions.

This problem can be worked around simply by using an older JRE/JDK. As noted, 6u17 is known to work. 6u18 through 6u20 may or may not work; I have not tested them.