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  • September 23, 2010
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I couldn’t find any detailed doc about where to set sessionLocking, synchronousWrite in session Express. I was told they are part of for Tomcat. It will good to have detailed doc for all available options for all supported containers.



ilevy 2010-09-23

These two items are buried in the Configuration Guide and Reference and should probably also be in the chapter on session in the product docs. I think it’s the {{session-locking}} and {{synchronous-write}} attributes (of ) that are being talked about here.

Li Ma 2010-09-23

That part of Configuration Guide only works for tc-config.xml for DSO mode. In Express, client should not even use any tc-config.xml.

Am I missing anything?


ilevy 2010-09-30

Right, for DSO it’s in tc-config.xml:


For standard clusters, these two attributes are in the valve or filter. These will be added to the product docs.

Tomcat-based sessions:

For filter-based sessions:

terracotta-filter org.terracotta.session.TerracottaJetty61xSessionFilter tcConfigUrl localhost:9510 sessionLocking true synchronousWrite true

ilevy 2010-11-08

This is now in source.