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  • September 07, 2010
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  • September 23, 2010
  • September 10, 2010


If someone uses classes named the same at the java primitive types (eg. “int”, “void”, “char”, etc) in the default package space, those types will fail to serialize in the toolkit

relates to DEV-4694

This test contains a method to show this issue – see method testFunnyIntType() ./toolkit-impl/src/test/java/org/terracotta/cache/serialization/ObjectStreamClassSerializerTest.java


Tim Eck 2010-09-10

I need to verify but I’ve been told (by Chris) that classes like this break regular java serialization too, so maybe we just close this.

Tim Eck 2010-09-10

Given the brokenness of such bizarro classes with regular java serialization I don’t think we need to bend over backwards to support them in our serialization mechanisms