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  • kkannaiy
  • Reporter: teck
  • March 16, 2010
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  • February 12, 2013
  • May 13, 2010


The code here:

org.terracotta.modules.tomcat.tomcat_5_5.SessionValve55.findOrCreateManager(Request, String)

Intentionally allows a race to setup the session manager. It deals with the race appropriately with a putIfAbsent(), but unfortunately any session managers created and thrown away have started a thread as a side effect.

I don’t think this is causing any problems (besides extra lingering threads) and will only happen if there is high concurrent requests occurring at the very start of the app server.

If you run MultiNodeInvalidatorTest with 1 node you should see this happening


Kalai Kannaiyan 2010-07-01

Verified with tim-tomcat-5.0 and 5.5.