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  • October 19, 2009
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  • November 23, 2009


This arises from AppGroupWebAndPojoTest under jboss-5.1. That test uses this app-group config to try to share classes between a web app and a plain java app:

simple Standard.system The problem is that objects created by the plain app end up being loaded from the system loader back on the jboss side. In the code this due to the fact that there is not a "child" loader of the system loader in the given app group. For all of the other containers we support, we can observe a child/parent relationship between the system loader and the web app loader. This is not true under jboss 5 It's not clear how the logic of StandardClassProvider should be changed. Perhaps giving priority to loaders with "more" parents, or to those that are NOT standard loaders might be the right thing to do. Or perhaps making it possibe to control this outcome based on the order of things in tc-config.xl Long story short is that app-groups that involve the system loader under jboss 5.1 are busted </div> ## Comments {:.comment-heading} ### **Tim Eck** 2009-10-22

CDV-1306 is not directly related, but close enough that they should probably be considered together when making changes

{:.comment-heading} ### **Tim Eck** 2009-11-23

added a special case that covers this scenario. This might very well need to tweaked again in the future

{:.comment-heading} ### **Himadri Singh** 2009-12-22

AppGroupWebAndPojoTest is running on monkeys. Verified it by running mvn -Psystem-tests integration-test -Dtest=AppGroupWebAndPojoTest -Dappserver=jboss-5.1.0 also. The test passed.