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  • October 07, 2009
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  • July 27, 2012
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In line 76 of bin\boot-jar-path.bat a temporary file name is created as follows:

set TMPFILE=%TMP%\boot-jar-path-%RANDOM%-%TIME:~6,5%.tmp

This may produce a file name containing a comma in non-english-localized versions of Windows, because of the format returned by %TIME%. E.g. in a Spanish-localized Windows, %TIME% returns:

echo %TIME% 12:32:56,31

So that %TIME:~6,5% will return 56,31. As a result, the script fails elsewhere when attempting to delete %TMPFILE% because it contains a comma.

One possible correction would be to use %TIME:~6,2% so the milliseconds part is not included.


Hung Huynh 2009-10-21

The milliseconds part is important when you start clients through a script and random number could be duplicated. An easy fix would be quoting the %TMPFILE%.

Could you add this on line 77:


and try that out?

Joan Sala 2009-10-22

Doesn’t work. The value of TMPFILE is correctly quoted, but now the boot jar is not generated.

It seems that when executing the following line:

for /F %%i in (%TMPFILE%) do @set DSO_BOOT_JAR_NAME=%%i

the result of DSO_BOOT_JAR_NAME is now set to the value of TMPFILE (i.e. the temporary file name) instead of the contents of the file, which is how it is intended to work I think (I have not studied the whole script in detail).