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  • Reporter: ari
  • October 05, 2009
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  • March 19, 2010



Need a way to determine which L2 was active last…that should take weight at the election time. Maybe all L2’s that went down as an active report “I think I was active and my last transaction ID is XXX”. Then the one with the highest transaction ID wins? Make it a property for 3.2 that is disabled by default so that there are no risks in the community but eventually allow “l2.nha.autoRestorePreviousMaster=true” to be a default (of course, ignore my feature designing in JIRA…it is just to get the concept across in succinct fashion).



Steve Harris 2009-10-05

Not sure if I totally understand why this is needed yet but… One way to achieve this would be to have each node store the timestamp of the last time he became active somewhere.