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  • October 02, 2009
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From “http://forums.terracotta.org/forums/posts/list/2517.page”

Currently it’s necessary to edit and change the tc-config if the application is to be deployed in several environments (development, test and production).

It’s possible to use external tools to set the properties by using placeholders, but it would be much easier, transparent and less prone for human mistakes to use the XML external entities.

Such as: <?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8” standalone=”no”?> <!DOCTYPE tc:tc-config [ <!ENTITY EnvironmentConfiguration SYSTEM “file:./terracotta.xml”> ]>

&EnvironmentConfiguration; </div> ## Comments {:.comment-heading} ### **Steve Harris** 2009-10-02

Is this something we can do in santiago? Seems like a good idea

{:.comment-heading} ### **Alex Miller** 2009-10-02

We have several jiras already related to this general issue of templating or parameterizing the tc-config. We have this exact problem in our perf test f/w where we want to parameterize whether or not we use persistence and other variations. And in Examinator with respect to which sessions tim to use. And in tests, etc.

We’ve been pushing off the work on it till we can overhaul the config file at some mythical future release but maybe this would be a good short term fix. It’s probably mostly a question of whether we can coax xmlbeans into handling this appropriately and that seems like it shouldn’t be too hard.

XML entities are unusual enough for your average developer that I don’t think it’s the right long-term solution.