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  • August 19, 2009
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  • March 24, 2011
  • October 22, 2010


For standalone hibernate usage we should be bringing down the L1 instance when the cache and/or session factory are being shutdown. Things like web app redeploy will leave the old L1 running and in memory.

Presumably there is stop() or shutdown() call we can hook into for this (perhaps on the cache provider). I think we should also consider shutting down based on a weak reference to the session factory getting cleared.

Things are a little tricky since a single L1 is currently shared between multiple session factories – all session factories need to be going away before we decide to shutdown


Alex Miller 2009-11-16

delay to Taraval where will be reworking the provider over Ehcache.

Fiona OShea 2010-08-11

Can you make sure this works in the tests you are writing?

Hung Huynh 2010-10-22

HibernateShutdownExpressShutdown test in terracotta-ehcache shows the L1 shutdown properly.