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  • June 25, 2009
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  • February 12, 2013
  • June 29, 2009


As reported in http://forums.terracotta.org/forums/posts/list/0/2257.page:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to read TIM index: forge.terracotta. at org.terracotta.modules.tool.CachedModules.loadData(CachedMod at org.terracotta.modules.tool.CachedModules.list(CachedModules at org.terracotta.modules.tool.CachedModules.find(CachedModules at org.terracotta.modules.tool.commands.OneOrAllCommand.process at org.terracotta.modules.tool.commands.InstallCommand.execute( at org.terracotta.modules.tool.commands.CommandRegistry.execute at org.terracotta.modules.tool.commands.CommandRegistry.execute at org.terracotta.tools.cli.TIMGetTool.execute(TIMGetTool.java: at org.terracotta.tools.cli.TIMGetTool.mainWithExceptions(TIMGe at org.terracotta.tools.cli.TIMGetTool.main(TIMGetTool.java:36)

We should specify a message here indicating possible causes for this problem due to inability to connect.


Abhishek Singh 2009-06-29


Himadri Singh 2009-08-11

Cleaned all cached indexes and disconnected internet from PC.

bash-3.2$ ./bin/tim-get.sh list Terracotta Enterprise 3.1.0-nightly, as of 20090810-150830 (Revision 4358-13385 by [email protected] from 3.1)

There were some error trying to resolve the index file. Error Message: Error reading remote index file: www.terracotta.org 1) Cannot load remote index file from ‘http://www.terracotta.org/download/reflector/maven2/tim-get/2/index.xml.gz’. 2) Cannot resolve local cached copy at ‘c:\DOCUME~1\hsingh\LOCALS~1\Temp\tim-get\index.xml.gz’ either. Please make sure you are connected to the internet.