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  • January 08, 2007
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  • February 16, 2007


Motivation: Help operators detect cluster system failures, so they can take corrective action.

Requirements: * Allow operators to verify health of the Terracotta Server (L2) with a heartbeat accessed via JMX.


Steve Harris 2007-02-16

Yes, this is just a jmx thing that an external tool can use to ask, are you alive and it can respond. The first version is strickly a simple response. In the future we will also have it do various diagnostics like send messages though the internals to make sure nothing is hosed up. The first version to to tell if a process is hung (i.e. Ctrl Z) or dead or pinned.

Alex Voskoboynik 2007-02-16

I’ll be adding a new operation to the existing TCServerInfoMBean. This operation will be String healthCheck() which returns “OK” if server is fine, or a more descriptive error message if applicable and/or possible. JMX clients can call on this operation and check return value to detect problems with L2 server

Alex Voskoboynik 2007-02-16

the name of the proposed method is changed to String TCServerInfoMBean.getHealthStatus()