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  • May 13, 2009
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  • March 19, 2010



Need to come up with some text that doesn’t lead people to add unnecessary stuff to the tc config. See below —–

Installing tim-tomcat-5.5 1.0.1 and dependencies… INSTALLED: tim-tomcat-5.5 1.0.1 - Ok INSTALLED: tim-tomcat-common 1.0.1 - Ok SKIPPED: tim-session-common 1.0.0 - Already installed

Done. (Make sure to update your tc-config.xml with the new/updated version if necessary)


so people may think ‘dependencies’ in message means that it’s necessary to add ‘tim-tomcat-common’ and ‘tim-session-common’ in element. now i know 'dependencies' means just those modules need to be exist in appropriate path by reading Steve's post.


Taylor Gautier 2009-05-13

Maybe we can just repeat at the end what the tim-get info command states in the configuration section, e.g., we could add.


To configure the TIM for use in your application, update tc-config.xml with the following:

     <module name="{name}" version="{version}" />