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  • March 31, 2009
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  • March 19, 2010


In 3.0 we added the config feature, which permits sharing data between different applications. The idea is that if class C comes from classloader A on node a, and classloader B on node b, it can be shared as long as A and B are placed in the same app-group so that if one is missing the other can be substituted.

The element allows classloaders to be specified in two ways: or . The element is a shortcut that allows users to name a web context without knowing the details of the container's implementation. However, it only applies to classes loaded from loaders associated with a particular WAR. Other classes have to be shared by using the full classloader name, which is different from container to container.

In practice we are seeing users who want to share classes at the EAR level (e.g., DEV-2697). We could make this easier by adding an or or something like that, that would be a container-independent way of specifying the name of the classloader associated with a particular EAR, at least for containers that support that concept.

That said, we should probably think about whether this should be generalized to be more like , rather than having a different element for every different kind of classloader association.