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  • March 19, 2009
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L1 <-> ssh tunnel <-> L2’s

using attached config.


  1. L2S2 & L2S3 are on machineA
  2. L1 is on machineB
  3. ssh tunnel created by executing on machineA: ssh -v -o “KeepAlive=yes” -Llocalhost:7101:localhost:7101 -Llocalhost:7102:localhost:7102 -Llocalhost:7103:localhost:7103 -Rlocalhost:7201:localhost:7201 -Rlocalhost:7202:localhost:7202 -Rlocalhost:7203:localhost:7203 -Rlocalhost:7301:localhost:7301 -Rlocalhost:7302:localhost:7302 -Rlocalhost:7303:localhost:7303 [email protected]

steps to replicate issue:

  1. L2S2 - active
  2. L2S3 - passive
  3. start L1, can connect to active; kill L1
  4. force L2 failover
  5. L2S3 - active
  6. L2S2 - passive
  7. start L1, can Not connect to active (do not kill L1). message repeated: “WARN - Timeout connecting to server: localhost:7202. Timeout of 10000 milliseconds occurred”
  8. force L2 failover
  9. L2S2 - active
  10. L2S3 - passive
  11. now L1 (from 7.) can connect
  12. force L2 failover
  13. L2S3 - active
  14. L2S2 - passive
  15. L1 still connected (jmx thisNodeDisconnect & thisNodeConnect received)

issue: behavior should be the same as when ssh tunnels aren’t used; searching for all the L2’s not only the first one secified in the config file.

for normal behavior, modify config file, replacing “localhost” with appropriate values


  1. using 2.7.3
  2. machineA - solaris 10 on sparc
  3. machineB - windows xp sp3


Terracotta User 2009-04-01

Hi there,

I think that there is a problem with the ssh tunnel configuration. -Llocalhost:7101:localhost:7101 for example is forwarding the port 7101 on machineA to port 7101 on machineA.

I ran a couple of tests with ssh tunneling and I was not able to reproduce the problem: everything including failover is working as expected. Here is my configuration:

  • server sales02: first L2 (dso port: 9510)
  • server sales03: second L2 (dso port: 9511)
  • server sales04: L1

On sales04, I created the ssh tunnel using the following command: ssh -f -N -L9510:sales02:9510 sales02 && ssh -f -N -L9511:sales03:9511 sales03

The trick is that the tc-config.xml for the L2 and L1 are differents. I have attached the 2 tc-config.xml I am using:

  • tc-config-server.xml is for the L2s
  • tc-config.xml for the L1

Differences between tc-config.xml and tc-config-server.xml: tc-config-server.xml:

[...] tc-config.xml: [...] Hope this helps, Cheers, Sylvain </div> {:.comment-heading} ### **Terracotta User** 2009-04-01

Unable to reproduce