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  • March 03, 2009
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  • April 10, 2009
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The underlying problem in the POM has already been fixed, but this item is to figure out why no tests failed.

If you rollback http://svn.terracotta.org/fisheye/changelog/TerracottaForge/?cs=14326 in trunk tim-hibernate and rebuild you should end up with a tim-hibernate-3.2.5 TIM artifact that depends on tim-ehcache-1.3-1.2.4-SNAPSHOT (which is for TC 2.7). If the code in that tim-ehcache TIM actually runs, it should fail b/c of an API change in ManagerUtil.

The assertion is that no hibernate test that covers this path where the ehcache TIM is used.


Walter Harley 2009-03-25

So far I’m really wrestling with this one. The tim-hibernate test ContainerHibernate325Test *should* be testing this. It configures Hibernate to use a second-level cache and sets that cache to EHCache, configures ehcache properly (as far as I can tell), and declares the tim-ehcache module; it even asserts that there is a cache hit. Debugging code inserted in tim-ehcache confirms that instrumentation is happening, but it does not seem the instrumentation code is ever called (unlike in tim-ehcache tests, where it does get called). So possibly the cache hit is local, and we are not actually distributing the ehcache? I am not sure how to force that to happen.

Walter Harley 2009-03-25

Hmm, noticed this in the server log, might be a clue:

18:24:00,616 WARN net.sf.ehcache.config.ConfigurationFactory - No configuration found. Configuring ehcache from ehcach e-failsafe.xml found in the classpath: jar:file:/Users/wharley/dev/forge/projects/trunk/tim-hibernate/tim-hibernate-3.2 .5-system-tests/target/temp/ContainerHibernate325Test/sandbox/server_0/webapps/events/WEB-INF/lib/ehcache-1.3.0.jar!/ehc ache-failsafe.xml

Walter Harley 2009-03-26

Yes, that’s the problem. If I name the ehcache.xml file with a full path in the hibernate.cfg.xml, and speed up eviction so that the eviction code is called, then pointing to the 1.2.4 version of tim-ehcache results in the expected “no such method” errors in the log.

However, these errors are still not causing an actual test failure, because they’re on a thread that doesn’t kill the test:

Exception in thread “CacheInvalidator - org.hibernate.cache.StandardQueryCache invalidation thread0” com.tc.exception.TC RuntimeException: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.tc.object.bytecode.Manager.beginLock(Ljava/lang/String;I)V at com.tcclient.cache.CacheEntryInvalidator.run(CacheEntryInvalidator.java:99) at com.tcclient.cache.CacheInvalidationTimer$EvictionRunner.run(CacheInvalidationTimer.java:53) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:637) Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.tc.object.bytecode.Manager.beginLock(Ljava/lang/String;I)V at com.tcclient.cache.Lock.writeLock(Lock.java:53) at com.tcclient.cache.CacheEntryInvalidator.run(CacheEntryInvalidator.java:87) … 2 more

Walter Harley 2009-03-27

Fixed in Forge trunk with change 14547 (to tim-ehcache) and 14548 (to tim-hibernate).

Basically there were several problems:

  1. ehcache config was not properly being loaded; needed to include relative pathname to it, in hibernate cfg file.

  2. ehcache eviction interval was long enough that the evictor threads were never being run in the context of the hibernate tests.

  3. Even when asynchronous eviction failed, synchronous eviction (on the get() call) still succeeded, so eviction happens even despite the NoSuchMethodErrors.

To fix this, I’ve added a test that explicitly looks for cross-cluster cacheing and subsequent eviction, and that also verifies (by doing a thread dump and scanning for thread names) that the evictor threads are still running.

The test code relies on a constant added to tim-ehcache, so it is no longer possible to even compile against the 2.7.4 version. However, by temporarily hard-coding the constant value, I have verified that the test does fail in this scenario.

nadeem ghani 2009-04-03

mvn clean install in tim-hibernate/trunk fails if tim-ehcache version is anything older than 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT