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  • February 22, 2009
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  • April 10, 2009
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this command will parse tc-config.xml and install the exact version of TIMs found in the config


nadeem ghani 2009-03-10

On stable0

bin/tim-get.sh install-from samples/pojo/chatter/tc-config.xml Terracotta Enterprise 3.0.0-ee-stable0, as of 20090306-110300 (Revision 3694-12024 by [email protected] from 3.0)

Internal error: null

Hung Huynh 2009-03-10

fixed in r12069 (trunk) and r12070 (3.0) Add checking for tc-config.xml that doesn’t have any modules specified

Himadri Singh 2009-03-12

bash-3.2$ ./bin/tim-get.sh install-from ../../workspace/examinator/tc-config.xml Terracotta Enterprise 3.0.0-ee-stable0, as of 20090306-110300 (Revision 3694-12024 by [email protected] from 3.0)

Parsing module: tim-jetty-6.1-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT Parsing module: tim-hibernate-3.2.5-1.3.0-SNAPSHOT Parsing module: tim-annotations-1.3.0-SNAPSHOT Parsing module: tim-spring-security-2.0-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT Parsing module: tim-async-processing-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT Parsing module: tim-concurrent-collections-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT Parsing module: tim-map-evictor-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT Installing tim-jetty-6.1 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT… SKIPPED: tim-jetty-6.1 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT - Already installed Installing tim-hibernate-3.2.5 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT and dependencies… INSTALLED: tim-hibernate-3.2.5 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT - Ok INSTALLED: tim-apache-collections-3.1 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT - Ok INSTALLED: tim-cglib-2.1.3 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT - Ok INSTALLED: tim-ehcache-1.3 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT - Ok INSTALLED: tim-ehcache-commons 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT - Ok Installing tim-annotations 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT… INSTALLED: tim-annotations 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT - Ok Installing tim-spring-security-2.0 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT… INSTALLED: tim-spring-security-2.0 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT - Ok Installing tim-async-processing 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT and dependencies… INSTALLED: tim-async-processing 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT - Ok SKIPPED: tim-annotations 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT - Already installed Installing tim-concurrent-collections 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT… INSTALLED: tim-concurrent-collections 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT - Ok Installing tim-map-evictor 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT… INSTALLED: tim-map-evictor 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT - Ok


tc-config.xml :

  <module name="tim-jetty-6.1" version="1.2.0-SNAPSHOT"/>
  <module name="tim-hibernate-3.2.5" version="1.3.0-SNAPSHOT"/>
  <module name="tim-annotations" version="1.3.0-SNAPSHOT"/>
  <module name="tim-spring-security-2.0" version="1.1.0-SNAPSHOT"/>
  <module name="tim-async-processing" version="1.1.0-SNAPSHOT"/>
  <module name="tim-concurrent-collections" version="1.1.0-SNAPSHOT"/>
  <module name="tim-map-evictor" version="1.1.0-SNAPSHOT"/>

bash-3.2$ ./bin/tim-get.sh upgrade Terracotta Enterprise 3.0.0-ee-stable0, as of 20090306-110300 (Revision 3694-12024 by [email protected] from 3.0)

You need to specify the path to your tc-config.xml