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  • Reporter: SylvainG
  • January 05, 2009
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  • April 10, 2009
  • February 20, 2009


tim-jmx: thisNodeConnected() is not called when the L1 initially connects. As a workaround, users can use waitForRegistration() + getMyNodeId(), but it seems like it would be easier to just call thisNodeConnected(Object arg0) at registration (does not need to be right at registration, but as early as possible). It would also allow the api to follow the principle of least surprise (most people would expect to get a call to thisNodeConnected() for the initial connection).


Fiona OShea 2009-01-05

See CDV-1081 for more information

Fiona OShea 2009-02-20

This api will be deprecated in Quintara, making this bug obsolete.