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  • November 07, 2008
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  • December 16, 2011


The TCLogging.getLogger() method only accepts the “com.tc” namespace. At the very least, it should accept “org.terracotta”. It is often appropriate in a TIM to report log messages - for instance, “Encountered an unexpected method while instrumenting class ‘Foo’”.

In fact I am not sure why there is a restriction at all. Are user-written TIMs required to be in the org.terracotta namespace? If not, how should they report instrumentation failures?


Alex Miller 2008-11-10

I think we should remove the restriction on TCLogging packages.

Separately, we may want to consider recommended practice for how to log as a TIM. This might (probably will) be different answers for “tim code run during instrumentation” vs “tim code run as normal library” and I would suggest creating some official response for the former and leaving it up to a user for the latter, with TCLogging as a possible choice.