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  • October 31, 2008
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  • July 27, 2012
  • January 13, 2010


For TIMs that are compatible for any TC version, the version that comes from trunk will always take precedence over any other version when dealing with SNAPSHOTs.

This is because tim-get will always default to the latest available version of a TIM from the Forge. The version coming from trunk will always have a higher/later version than the one coming from the current release branch.

This affects our nightly TC kits when we inject TIMs into demos (which would be snapshots) - so for example, if we have the following TIM versions from the Forge:

tim-foobar 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT (from tc-2.7 branch) tim-foobar 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT (from trunk)

And we have a demo that is injected with tim-foobar, you might see that the demo from a nightly kit use tim-foobar version 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT, but in the final kit (assuming it’s a 2.7.x kit), it will use tim-foobar version 1.1.1

— config-wise there’s no difference but they could/would diverge eventually and affect testing — the fix in this case will require us to revisit our branching/versioning scheme in the Forge for these type of TIMs.

Temporarily, I’ve bound the trunk version of similar TIMs to a specific TC version so that their current release branches will take precedence.


Fiona OShea 2008-11-03

Setup a meeting to discuss

Fiona OShea 2009-02-03

Jason, I’m passing the buck on this, maybe part of FORGE 2.0?

Fiona OShea 2010-01-13

tim-get.sh makes this issue obsolete.